Using ECMS Online Help

Process Description

ECMS online help is a searchable tool that provides users with a way to quickly and easily find information to help them use the ECMS application.  

To locate a topic quickly:

  1. Open the application's help.
  2. Select the Search button.
  3. Enter a keyword into the Search field.
  4. Click the Enter button. A list of topics containing that keyword displays on the left side of the screen.

Two types of topics are provided for ECMS users: screen-level and process-level.  

Screen topics contain information about the purpose of a screen and what it is used for. Where appropriate they also contain workflow status information. Hyperlinks are the most important feature on screen-level topics. They provide quick and easy access to related 'how-to' topics.

Process (how-to) topics contain step-by-step instructions for performing an ECMS application task, for instance, how to Modify a Fund Code or how to Finalize a Project.

Click the Contents button to display the table of contents in the left pane. The table of contents closely resembles the ECMS menu layout, which can be viewed using the Site Map button in the application header. Only screen-level help topics are listed in the Table of Contents.

Click the Search button to search on specific keywords within the ECMS online help system to display process or screen help topics.

To see a screen's security settings (i.e. user dictionary) click SITE MAP | HELP | APPLICATION PERMISSIONS in the toolbar.

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